Skincare Kitchen: Summer Salad

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Great lunch for summer skin. With more sun exposure, barbecues, picnics and summer parties I worry my skin is being deprived of good vitamins and antioxidants. I made this most delicious salad for my lunch to give my body what it needs to maintain my skin’s good health.


Green beans and tomatoes are full of antioxidants and carotenoids such as beta-carotene, which is great to help skin cope with more sun than usual. Avocado’s Vitamin E content will support the skin and make it stronger. Buffalo mozzarella and smoked salmon are a delicious combination and good protein sources, but note that whilst smoked salmon has good health benefits as it contains Iron and many other essential minerals, it also contains rather a lot of sodium so eat in moderation. I drizzle extra virgin infused with chilli over my salads for the essential fatty acids that skin loves. Multigrain Ryvita is made with just wholegrain rye flour, toasted seeds and a hint of salt so I have a couple of slices when I fancy a bit of carb on the side!

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