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Mark Ho-Asjoe is a well reknowned Plastic Surgeon from a leading London teaching hospital, with a busy cosmetic practice in Harley Street.

He is the expert across Europe in Breast Reconstruction using Strattice. Mark has featured in the Daily Mail and Closer magazine, to name but a few.

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“Bev Malik is possibly the sharpest-thinking fashion psychologist in luxury travel...”- VOGUE USA, December 2008

 “One of London’s style gurus, who is bringing cutting edge chic....” CN Traveler , August 2008

Depths of Field Style 

"I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear...” THE SMITHS

Dressing is an act that is both powerful and necessary, not to mention exciting and fun. It is an immediate statement of who we are.  The health of our self perception can be defined by it and fashion is a wonderland to explore. 'Depths of Field Style' is a unique one to one consultation for those looking for style aids for occasions or ongoing wardrobe clinics and remedies for a busy and changing life. We work out what wardrobe pieces to re-member or ‘dis-member’ in the most relevant ways. We then source and find new directions from the current season (if relevant) or enlist couture services. This process works as effectively for an occasion as for a whole wardrobe. Our focus is style and not sales. 'Depths of Field Style’s' mission is  to enhance the quality and fabric of your life.

Clients of Alexandra's Club receive 10% off styling services.  Please mention the code

Bev's biography:

Born in Nairobi to a rebelliously chic Indian mother, Bev (Bhairvee)’s fashion sense has always come from clashing and taming different styles, culturally and sartorially. ‘My mother would flit from wearing her favourite Saville Row mens shirts and battered up Levis, to full on Indian saris, or Masai shukas in the blink of an eye. Similarly my eye globe trots, and tunes in to styles that mix things up,  drive them forward, and ultimately make sense of moods’.

Bev has worked as an acclaimed Buyer for Harvey Nichols and Browns, and a Fashion and Buying Director for series of international concept boutiques. She founded‘Depths of Field’ offering services to a broad spectrum of clients across fashion, sportswear, art and retail. It all came about after a wonderfully rewarding time as a Saturday sales girl watching, weekly, the transformative power of a good frock and killer heel in a luxurious store on a woman’s happiness.  Her interest is as obsessive with couture as with sportswear, as absorbed in menswear as lacemaking for lingerie.

“The beliefs that I hold are that fashion is more about how you put things together than a prescriptive look, and that fashion is the best art form to reflect who you are and the life you can create for yourself."