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Cinnamon is one of the top super foods, its rich in antioxidants and is very beneficial to the digestive system. Sprinkle it on porrige, it makes it really delicious.
Dry flaky lips. Coat the lips with moisturiser, with a dry warm flannel rub the moisturiser off and with it all the dry skin.  Apply moisturiser again and massage it well into the lips. Apply lip balm. Always use a lip balm that doesn’t contain lanolin (from sheep’s sweat) or any petrochemicals such as mineral oil, paraffin wax or petroleum gel.
These ingredients work by locking moisture in, not by moisturising. When you are not wearing it, your lips will be even more dry. Mineral based lip balms are only good for when you are out in extreme weather, such as skiing as they form a protective barrier.

For dry winter skin: Apply a good balm all over the face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Of course Angel Balm for me is the best! Steam the face for a few minutes over a large hot water bowl and a towell over your head. With a warm damp flannel remove the balm. Spray flower water and do a long face massage with a 100% natural and organic face oil. An hour later, if necessary apply more oil as the skin will be drinking it in. Do this once a week to avoid flaky dry sandpaper like skin!
I have had real problems with eczema since I got back to Sydney... wonder if it would be worth an online consultation with your nutritionist??? 
Hope to hear from you soon, Bree xx
 ALEXANDRA:How very lovely to hear from you. How are you?
The first thing to do about eczema is to stop using soaps and shower gels with SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). This only makes the problem worse. Your diet is of course very important and I would definately advise you to do an online consultation with Deborah as she's used to treating a lot of my clients with the same problem. Also make sure you use a nice organic body oil with natural essential oils of lavender or chamomile as it calms the skin down straight away. I do a really good oil called Healing Oil, I'm sure you can get something similar over there as Australia is coming out with amazing organic brands. Refrain from using any perfumed body lotions, not until the problem has gone away totally. Let me know if I can help you any further. 
Lots of love

I tried your tip with the balm and it really works, I diden't have any face balm so I used your Mandarin Kiss lip balm, it may sound weird but it really worked!
For all digestive problems, here's a simple and effective recipe. 1 tsp of Bicabornate of Soda well diluted in a quarter of a pint of water. Drink in one go. It tastes disgusting but really works on all digestive complaints such as flactuence, bloating, wind, constipation, heart burn etc. It works by balancing the acidity levels in the digestive system. Note from Alexandra: I discovered this top tip from Nicki on new year's eve, I was feeling really bloated and in pain. I wasn't too sure about it at first and it wasn't easy to drink the stuff but the results were just amazing, within half an hour I felt totally normal. Thank you Nicki.

ALEXANDRA: I often get asked by my clients if liposuction is an alternative to weight loss, what's your expert opinion? 
MARK: Unfortunately, liposuction is not an alternative to weight loss.
 Liposuction removes some fat cells but the remaining cells will increase in size if the patients life style is not changed. However, it is an excellent procedure to kick start the weight loss program me and remove fat from those stubborn areas despite exercise and diet.
ALEXANDRA: During the many years I worked as I massage therapist, I saw some amazing results from the Liposuction but unfortunately some really terrible ones too. For those that really want to change their lifestyle but like you say, would like a kick start, could you please enlight them as to what are the best procedures?
MARK: There are many machines that are used for liposuction. These include thetraditional cannula suction, power assisted, ultrasound, VASER, Smart Lipo and Ultrashape. The manufacturers and advocates of each particular machine will tell you that they have superior results. The truth is that the outcome of liposuction is dependent on the skill of the surgeon. Photographs of their results is much more helpful than the type of machine that they use.

ALEXANDRA: What's the difference between normal supplements and natural ones? Are not all supplements natural?
AMAR: No, all vitamin supplements are not natural. Some companies manufacture using synthetic ingredients while other companies use natural whole food ingredients. 
Natural whole food vitamins, use ingredients that are found naturally in food which maintain their molecular structure, biological/biochemical combination and their actions. High quality whole food ingredients maintain their enzymes, specific synergistic co-factors, phytonutrients and organic mineral activators.
Synthetic vitamins, use ingredients that are from man made, chemically reconstructed molecules and isolated single factors. They tend to lack the specific synergistic co-factors, enzymes, phytonutrients and organic mineral activators 
that are naturally found in whole food ingredients.

ALEXANDRA: What's the best super food? 
DEBORAH: If some foods are "super" foods then broccoli should be a"mega-super" food. Researchers are finding a wealth of healthy compounds in this vegetable including powerful anti-oxidants to boost the immune systemas well as beta-carotene and potassium to help lower your risk of heartdisease. Try to eat your broccoli raw or lightly steamed to preserve the most nutrients
ALEXANDRA: What changes can I do to my diet to reduce my sugar intake? 
DEBORAH: Watch out for the hidden sugars in your fruit - it's good that you're eating fruit but you then tend to chose bananas and dried figs which are very high in sugar - it's natural sugar but too much of it is not great. Try to limit these more sugary fruits to twice a week and chose berries, apples, oranges, pears instead. Frozen berries are fine - this time of year it's hard to get fresh - just keep a bag in your freezer and use on porridge etc.