P O P   U P   C L I N I C  &  P E R F U M E   L A B

At the exclusive Langham Place on Fifth Avenue, Alexandra will be introducing her all natural face-lift treatment and the full anti-aging range of vitamin based skincare products. Drawing on years of experience and in depth research in bio-chemistry, Alexandra's facial treatment concentrates on detoxifying the underlining facial tissues, sinuses and drainage of the eye area. It deeply nourishes and revives the skin by encouraging cell regeneration.  Alexandra’s unique deep tissue massage technique improves circulation, lymph flow and smoothes out fine lines.

For those wanting to have a Bespoke Signature perfume, they will be joining an elite few of perfume connoisseurs that fly in from all over the world for a one to one with Alexandra. The consultation is a wonderful scented journey to discover what stirs in each individual’s unique scent identity.  Back at the London lab, Alexandra will then personally formulate each masterpiece.

Pop up week commences 6th January 2014

+44 207 266 3577

VOGUE  Know that Sharpei puppy feeling you get when you look down the mirror? Run, do not walk to Alexandra Soveral. It’s not the organic chemical free products as much as her background – physiology and anatomy – which make her such a cut above any other fabulous facialist. Is it as good as the knife? Quite possibly.  And less hurty too.   Christa D’Souza

 THE TELEGRAPH   If you've ever coveted that serenely rested - rather than rictus - look that's the hallmark of true beauty, then you've found your woman. And if you've ever thought nature's fine as far as it goes, but hopeless for instant fixes, wait 'til you've tried her facial. One hour on her bed will knock years off. Repeat regular sessions will keep them knocked off. As for the products - the smell alone will turn the corners of your mouth up. Comprehensively researched, they deliver results.  Angel Balm is a desert island (and anywhere else) must-have.   Lisa Armstrong

 TATLER  Alexandra Soveral, biochemist turned Aromatherapist, has created an anti-aging, lifting facial like no other. Her non-invasive treatment is like taking your face muscles to the gym. She works closely with cosmetic surgeons and isn’t sniffy about Botox – her products take years off. An invaluable find.  Anna Pasternark

 HARPERS BAZAAR Five words about facialist Alexandra Soveral: the woman is a genius. After only one of her treatments I look a decade younger. High in skin-balancing antioxidants, her products deliver serious results. Sophie Forte




























































































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