Nutritional Therapy can help with many conditions and health concerns. For example weight management, digestive disorders, skin problems, hormonal imbalances, stress management, pregnancy and fertility planning and much, much more. 
Nutritional therapy is a complementary therapy.  By analysing diet, tailoring  it according to individual needs and rectifying any vitamin, mineral and other nutrient imbalances, nutritional therapy seeks to alleviate and help common diseases and promote health.

This all sounds quite complicated but in fact the premise is simple. Nutritional therapy focuses on the link between health and diet, with the emphasis on identifying and working on the cause of a problem not the symptoms.
For example, if a client complains of headaches or lack of energy this could be caused by many things  -  dehydration, hormone or blood sugar imbalances, food intolerances, stress etc. It is only once the cause has been identified that a specific, personalised programme can be developed to address the situation.
Deborah offers a range of nutritional services, private consultations, group presentations and workshops.  Cookery demonstrations and healthy eating cookery classes.
Deborah currently practices at the following locations:

163 Chemin Muratore, 06410 Biot, France

Home and boat visits are also available.

Appointment times available on request. Call06 08 77 81 58
or email

Alexandra Soveral Organic Aromatherapy
97D Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale, London W9 2DA

Deborah is also available to address groups on the subject of
nutrition and wellbeing.
For more information contact Deborah on
either of the above numbers.

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