Thought of the day

Autumn Skin

The most dangerous time of year for breakouts and the offset of acne.

The change of season from warm to cold and central heating going back on, gives our skin a lot to cope with and it needs time to adjust. The dryness and warmth of an indoor environment is in deep contrast with the windy and cold environment outdoors. The skin develops a thin layer of dry skin that does not allow it to breathe, trapping in sebum and for those prone to breakouts this causes spots to develop.


Also, this time of year our immune system is working overtime as new flu and cold viruses are starting to emerge everywhere, leaving our skin with less support than usual.  This is also for many a rather busy and stressful time with school runs and a lot to organise for the winter ahead. Stress and breakouts also go hand in hand.


Here’s how to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing during Autumn:

Get enough sleep, this allows your skin to restore properly.

Eat healthy and take Vitamin C and Zinc to support your immune system.

Dry brush your face daily to activate the lymphatic system and get rid of toxins.

Do a deep pore cleanse at least 3 times per week with Angel Balm.

As soon as you feel a spot coming up, apply Spotless.


Don’t have central heating on during the night.