The latest in the range of Soveral Signature treatments, the Prebiotic facial is bursting with natural goodness,
leaving you with the healthiest skin you may have ever felt.

The treatment begins with a light cleanser that is gentle and effective in equally impressive measure - fragrance free & essential oil free.
Pure goodness. An organic Rose Water spritz, with a hint of aloe vera, keeps things soft and fresh.
The Soveral honey exfoliation treatment follows, unblocking pores effectively without any abrasion to the skin.
Next, a skin balancing dry face oil that doesn't oxidise on the skin, followed by the new Soveral prebiotic mask,
containing inulin, spirulina and organic orange blossom water.
The goodness is locked in with our new ’blue on red’' moisturiser, containing Prickly Pear seed oil
and chamomile extract of azulene extract to help with inflammation. 

This treatment is wonderful for:
Acne, Rosacea and Eczema
Balancing skin PH levels
Lymphatic drainage
Restoring skin’s microflora
Effective drainage of facial lymph path
Deep nourishment

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