Alexandra Soveral

Cosmetic Designer / Aromatherapist / Holistic Practitioner

Alexandra has created the brand, and hand blends each item personally, seeing them transform from their raw ingredients to the finished product on the shelfAfter graduating with a BA Honours degree in philosophy of science, Alexandra followed the passion from her childhood in Portugal. Further study in Aromatherapy & Chemistry followed.  During four long years before launching her skin-care line, Alexandra dedicated her time to understanding the skin. She studied Anatomy & Physiology and became a well respected skin specialist. Whilst running her Skin Aromatherapy practice in London, she conducted meticulous independent research on organic produce, by travelling to the origin of most of the ingredients and hand picking herbs used in her oils. For the launch of the range Alexandra teamed up with her partner Jorj, who became an invaluable key in the making of the Alexandra Soveral brand.  Together they made a childhood dream a reality and they aspire to continue to expand the brand in the same organic way in which it was born.

Jorj Aleem

Co-Founder / Managing Director


Jorj plays a fundamental part in the running and the progression of the business. His brilliant ability to direct the brand, and his belief in keeping it exclusive and true to the Alexandra Soveral philosophy, has established us as one of the most respectable cosmetic brands available.