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We believe in the power of truth. In delivering a product that speaks the true language of nature, that has been manufactured in the true nature of craftsmanship, and developed using cutting edge true science; as opposed to today’s make believe pseudoscience.

We don’t make claims based on what marketing spin we fancy. Our claims are based on what we truly believe our products and treatments can achieve. We endeavour to continue our search for better ingredients, delivery systems, and techniques that stay true to who we are, and are in harmony with the Earth’s delicate ecosystem.


Our founders Jorj and Alexandra had the dream of building a unique skin care and perfume brand that would put into practice cutting-edge science to best make use of the purest and finest natural ingredients. 

All products in our range, as well as for other brands that we consult for, are designed by Alexandra Soveral and Jorj Aleem.  Alexandra is the perfumier and cosmetic formulator, whilst Jorj creates concepts and defines of how the product is presented.

Whilst studying for her Bachelor Honours Degree in the Philosophy of Science, how the use of genetic engineering of flora will affect the world in future generations, Alexandra became aware of how irresponsible science is being used within the skincare industry.  She decided to marry her interest of science with that of natural skincare, and set up her own research lab into natural raw ingredients, and their benefit on the human health.

After years of research Soveral was founded in 2005.  This independent research has evolved since then and has become a fundamental part of what makes Soveral.

As well as being a cosmetic product formulator Alexandra Soveral is also an Aromatherapist and Holistic Practitioner, therefore focus was given to treatments as much as the product range, and they too have evolved along the years. 

Since launching, Jorj and Alexandra have been consistent in their product development, ethics, pushing of boundaries, but still maintaining their integrity.

Our dream continues and the future is full of new projects and ventures designed to bring the joy of nature and health into our everyday lives.




 The Times                      Best UK Organic Skincare range

                                       Best Face Oil tested by the editors

                                       Best Eye Care product

                                       Best Spot treatment product

 The Telegraph             Best Face Oil

                                      Best Shampoo

 Harpers Bazaar           Best of the Best Face Oil of 2015

 Tattler                           Best Face Oil 2016


Our treatments and products have not only been recognised by their ever growing client base, but by the high echelons of writers and journalist in the Beauty world. We are consistently in the major broadsheets (Times and the Daily Telegraph), and high end publications such as Vogue, Tatler, and Hapers Bazaar.


All products are hand blended at our London lab using the highest quality ingredients, all natural and whenever possible, from organic origin. Traceability of all ingredients is paramount, and wherever possibly they are purchased directly from source. All end products are thoroughly tested, and are free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, hydrogenated oils, synthetic fragrance, and harmful chemicals. All comply with EUROPA, UK and FDA Directives.


We are always thriving to keep all things natural and organic, our packing carries the same ethos. All packaging is recyclable, using non-toxic inks, and conform to World Land Trust directives.