Clinic Opening - Covid Protocols

Clinic Opening - Covid Protocol

No Walk-in clients, pre-booked appointments only
Please arrive on time

Upon Arrival:
We ask that you arrive wearing a face mask and only remove it when instructed by your therapist.
You will be asked to sanitise your hands using our Organic Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser, containing 96% organic ethanol.
Your temperature will be checked with a medical grade infra-red non-contact thermometer. Should your temperature be higher than 38˚C, we will not be able to conduct the treatment as per our insurance guidelines.
You will be asked to fill a simple form with a few questions about your present health and possible Covid-19 risk exposure.
All clients will be asked to hang their own coats and to leave any umbrellas, bags, possessions safely by the clinic entrance.
We ask you to bring as little as possible with you.


The Treatment Room:
Each treatment room, product and utensil is freshly sanitised using pure ethanol and purified with an air purifier, engulfing any viruses and bacteria.
All of our linens are changed between treatments and washed at 90˚C with an ecological antibacterial detergent. We use ultra-soft biodegradable disposable sheets for every treatment.
Our therapists wear adequate PPE during the whole treatment - this includes a freshly laundered apron for each treatment, face masks and face shield.
Our Therapists will thoroughly wash their hands and wrists before and after each treatment. They will also sanitise them with pure ethanol prior for each treatment.
To keep our therapists cool and comfortable during treatments we have invested in uniforms designed by Cucumber Clothing, with fabric specially engineered to allow the body to breathe and not overheat.
Please note that our Therapists will change into their freshly washed uniforms onsite every morning.


The Bathroom:
For hand washing, we provide our Organic Tea Tree Hand Wash – available to purchase online and in the clinic.
The single use flannels provided are washed at 90˚C with an ecological antibacterial detergent.
The toilet and sink area will be thoroughly cleaned after each client.


You will be asked to sit at the reception desk - should you wish to purchase products; your therapist will get them out of the cabinets for you.
When paying by card, the card machine is sanitised post each use and you will be offered a tissue to enter your pin with.
After each client leaves the reception area, all points of contact are sanitized, the room is aired and sprayed with an anti-virus and bacteria organic room spray.