online bespoke perfume compositions

‘I have been creating bespoke perfume for 15 years and have loved every single composition I have created. Each composition is a unique new world that starts to unfold once the blend starts to take shape, layered with beautiful notes and accords that correspond to the client’s personality’

When formulating a new composition Alexandra always includes at least 3 notes that have been chosen by the client, things they love and are instinctively attracted to. She then works around their chosen notes and adds different cords to enhance certain aspects and refine the scent.  Always bearing in mind what the client wants.

Bespoke Compositions are presented in our beautiful cut glass bottles with your name printed on the label. Repeat orders of the bespoke scent can be extended to soaps, candles, body oils, lotions and shower gel.

How to order in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose to have a Simple and Complex Composition.

2. Process payment by clicking on your choice of composition below.

3. Email [email protected] with the following information:

Your choice of notes from the chart below  -  Any allergies or medical conditions you may have   -   Any other relevant information or instructions that can help Alexandra to better blend your composition.

Should your composition require Alexandra to select notes on your behalf, she will first email you the formulation idea for your approval before proceeding to blending the perfume.

Simple composition – up to 3 notes £120
This is a great start for those that would like to experiment with choosing their first perfume notes. You may choose to have a perfume with just one note, so that you may really enjoy something you love in its purity. Or you may choose to have two or three notes that you feel will go well together.

Should you decide to choose more than one note, we’ll then adjust the quantities of each note at the SOVERAL perfume lab, this will ensure a well-balanced perfume.

Complex composition – up to 7 notes £250
For this service you may choose a minimum of 3 notes and a maximum of 7. For those who really know what they like and have a clear idea of what their perfume will smell like, may go ahead and choose all 7 notes. However for most people choosing 3 notes is already quite a challenge so we are happy to create your composition for you. All you need to do is to let us know a little more about yourself. Just send us a couple of sentences that best describe your personality. Also if you have an idea of what you would like this perfume to smell like, please do let us know... although we cannot guarantee the scent will be what you have had in mind, scent such an abstract thing.