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"Know that Sharpei puppy feeling yu get when you look down into a mirror? Run, do not walk to Alexandra Soveral. It's not the organic chemical free products as much as her background - physiognomy and anatomy - which make her a cut above any other fabulous facialist.  Not to mention her exhaustive research with a plastic surgeon to find out what sags first. Is it as good as the knife? Quite possibly. And less hurty too." 
Christa D'Souza, Vogue Blog, October 2011


Journal de Barcelos September 2011

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"Alexandra Soveral's oils are made with such integrity and are so pure they also smell wonderful that just applying them in the morning and at night is a treatment in itself".    Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor, The Times

 "Soveral's Angel Balm is a true hero product. Not only does this cleanser get rid of all the grime to leave skin feeling nourished, fresh and supple but it also doubles up as a soothing balm for lips, dry patches and cuticles"  Carolyn Asome, Deputy Fashion Editor, The Times


April 2010

Vogue, April 10


February 2010


Best Aromatherapy

Alexandra Soveral, London

Kick back and breathe easy with an aromatherapy massage from Alexandra Soveral, London.

The non-surgical facelift handles stresses and strains head on; through deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage, you could get instantly toned, glowing skin that's as clear as your newly soothed mind.

Alexandra Soveral Organic Aromatherapy




December 2009


Natural health


natural health content


August 5, 2009

The Times

Our annual round-up of the best beauty products continues with the top 25 for your face and body
Times, Aug 09
Alexandra Soveral Midsummer Dew Body Oil 
A blend of essential oils that leaves skin feeling nourished and doubles up as a body scent. 

July 2009

Vogue, July 09

August 12, 2008

The Times   
Top 25 body care products
The Times fashion team pick the best body creams, bronzers and gels
Times, Aug 08
Alexandra Soveral‘s Sleepy Head Bath & Body oil: A nourishing oilthat relaxes the body and calms the mind. Contains valerium,
which aids sleeping in a natural way.


The Times

Style and beauty fix: jackets, oil and christmasbaubles Christmas trinkets and gift ideas for the more discerning fashion follower.  Even Miuccia, we think, would approve

Pick-me-up oil
There are all kinds of ways to deal with the 2008 blues, but none of them smells as nice as Alexandra Soveral's pick-me-up oil, with
uplifting and decongesting cardamom, peppermint and lemon.  At £45 for 50ml, it's not cheap. Then again it's less costly than
Gordon Brown's solutions. And it multitasks as a body oil, bath oil and perfume.VOGUE May 08

May 2008

Vogue may 08   vogue, bottom line
Article: The bottom line, page 218 
Amongst other experts, Alexandra Soveral was interviewed for this article on the war on cellulite.


May 28, 2008 


The Times

  Times may 08, header

Times May 08 content

April 2008

Vogue April 08  Vogue April 08, guru
Article: Dial-a-guru, page 312
Alexandra Soveral is recommended for her treatments and oils" to rid the body and mind of toxins and negative energies."
January 2008
Vogue jan 08 Vogue jan 08 content

Article: FACE FACTS, page 168
Vogue recommends the best places in London for face treatments. " get to choose your favorite oil before she starts her lifting massage with sinus drainage."

December 12, 2007


The Times

Some ‘hero products’ are so good, we stay faithfulto them for years. Here, the Times style team nominate their personal favourites
Times Dec 07
Alexandra Soveral  Workaholic’s Blend body oil
They say: Neroli eases anxiety. It also has lemon to lift the spirits, lavender to balance emotions and geranium to beat negative feelings.
We say: You get the point the moment you open the lid: the scent isso powerful, but not overwhelming or sickly. As an instant, legal pick-me-up, this is about the best on the market. It’s moisturising and you can feel it heat up as you rub it into the skin. LISA

Stella, cover Stella article
STELLA MAGAZINE, 12 October 07
Article: Only natural
Healing Oil "Ideal for extremely dry skin, this oil contains amino acids, calming camomile, healing lavender, plus vitamins a, C and E"

July 2, 2007


The Times

Beauty jury: Organic Skincare

Times july 07, Header  The Times july 07

Article: Beauty Jury on Organic Skincare
7 leading brands were tested, Alexandra Soveral was given 10/10
"...Skin was smoother, firmer and contours more defined (a colleague asked if "work" had been done). The labelling was clear, the packaging not excessive and recyclable."

Harper  Harpens Bazaar content
Article: 6 of the best Masseurs   "... she's renowned for the amazing effectiveness of her massages... and the gorgeous home-made organic oil blends that she uses."

Times Dec 06 
THE TIMES, Times 2, December 06
Article: Beauty Jury on The most talked about launches of 2006
Spotless Treatment Gel 9/10  "This is a brillant product - it is pleasant to use, non-oily and does eradicate spots." 


Times april 07 header Times april 07, content 
THE TIMES, Times 2, April 07
Article: Beauty Jury on Eye enhancements
Forever Young Eye Treatment was given 10/10
"... the effects were amazing. The skin was clearer and softer, the face more sculpted and sinuses hugely improved"