soveral rescue TREATMENT (a skin prebiotic booster)

SOVERAL RESCUE TREATMENT (a skin prebiotic booster)

Designed for sensitive and acne prone skin to assist in rebuilding the skin's microbiome and regaining its defences. 

  • Lymphatic Activation: The gentle cleansing and lifting of the facial tissues using Soveral’s unique techniques encourage the draining of trapped toxins. This is aided by the activation and clearance of the lymphatic route down the neck into the shoulders. Further lymphatic drainage is actioned with cold marble stones. By releasing trapped and accumulated toxins from the underlying tissues, the skin’s metabolic functioning will dramatically improve.
  • pH Regulation Treatment: To provide the most hospitable environment for the skin’s microflora, a rose water compress in the perfect skin friendly pH is applied over the face.
  • Prebiotic Boost: An Inulin mask is then applied to provide the nutrients the skin’s microflora needs to thrive. 
  • Tension Release: During the mask, the occipital tension from the back of the neck is gently released. 
  • Anti-Inflammation Control: A calming chamomile lotion is gently massaged onto the skin and smoothed over with cold marble. 

This is a highly recommended treatment for anyone suffering with acne, rosacea, those prone to eczema, or simply have sensitive and out of balance skin.

 60 minutes = £120.00

  • Cleanse
  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Lymphatic Pathway Clearing & Activation Massage
  • Anti-Inflammation Marble Cooling
  • pH Balance Compress
  • Prebiotic Mask
  • Soothing Lotion & Marble cooling 

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