Teen Perfume



Organic Eau de Cologne blends for Teenagers to enjoy! All made from pure essential oils and extracts blended at our London Perfume Lab.

  1. Choose up to 3 perfume notes from the list bellow.
  2. Purchase the Bespoke Perfume blend.
  3. Email the perfume blend choice with the name of the lucky teenager to be printed on the label to:  [email protected]

Orange     Lemon     Mandarin     Lime     Rose Geranium     Basil     Bergamot     Vanilla

    Frangipani     Grapefruit     Pettitgrain      Ylang Ylang      Tonka Bean     Thyme

  Cedarwood     Sandalwood     Rosewood     Lavender Flowers     Tuberose

The scents chosen will be finely tuned by Alexandra Soveral to deliver a perfect formula.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for the perfume to be dispatched. 

Please do inform us if the teenager receiving the perfume suffers from sensitive skin or any allergies so that we can ensure the perfume is safe for use. 


Please note this service is available to ship to UK addresses only.


bespoke perfume_compressed