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  1. Super Salve & Celebrations

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    Some of you will know that this year, on 8th June, Jorj & I will be celebrating 10 years of Soveral and we’d like to invite you to celebrate with us. . To start the festivities and to thank all who have ever purchased something from us, spread the Soveral word, written about us, followed our story or liked us on social media, we thought we would have a little competition.

    With such a milestone on the horizon and feeling both excited about the future and nostalgic of the past, I found myself thinking of my childhood. Listening to the radio as a child, I loved the competitions they had where the listeners had to call up and say their favourite thing about the radio show, in order to win something. So for all you listeners out there, here’s a little competition.

    The Competition

    Everyone who names their favourite thing about Soveral will win my brand new hand made ‘Super Salve’.


    How to enter? Any way you like! Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or pick up the phone if you fancy a chat! Don’t forget to message us your address too!

    020 7266 3577

    [email protected]



    About Super Salve

    A true Super Salve to rescue you from the troubles of modern life. The essential oils in this balm, including Grapeseed Oil, Avocado, Geranium and Rosemary extracts, are well known for their aromatherapy benefits for tension headaches, relief of sore throats and inflamed or irritated skin. Just lightly massage on to the skin. 

  2. Bespoke Design: Yeotown

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    I had a wonderful day yesterday, mixing up the different natural oils to go into the Yeotown shower gel. One great big bowl of deliciousness and not one ingredient was unnatural. The ingredients all have natural healing properties, such as aloe vera, lavender and camomile to tingle your senses and calm your nervous system. Yeotown is a haven for relaxation in Devon. The essentials that Soveral make for them are all  completely bespoke. Each products aims to work with Yeotown in their quest to let your aches, pains and worries seep away. 









  3. Perfect Skin for 2015; The Soveral Rules.

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    Good skin is clear healthy firm skin that glows with life. 

    One at a time, I'll be releasing 10 Essential golden rules for good skin:


    1. Don’t touch your face unless you are performing your daily skin routine. This includes resting the chin on the hands and touching it when in front of a computer screen.sovrule2
    2. Don’t squeeze spots or blackheads. This is a recipe for disaster; squeezing one single spot may lead to a full breakout. If you really have to deal with a white headed spot go to our Spot Emergency Page.  Regularly squeezing blackheads will end in permanently enlarged pores, throw away all magnifying mirrors and start using Soveral Angel Balm Deep Pore Cleanser.   sovrule3
    3. Make peace with the Sun.  The early morning rays are life enhancing but after that you need to either cover up or stay in the shade. Go for an early morning energising 20 minute walk. For those living in the Northern Hemisphere a supplement of Vitamin D during winter months may be advisable.     sovrule4
    4. Support the skin with fatty acids and essential vitamins from a two point attack, from inside out and from outside in. Ensure your diet is varied and rich in fatty acids and massage oils into the skin that deliver these.  Soveral face oils contain Evening Primrose that is very rich in essential fatty acids. All Soveral products contain natural vitamins and antioxidants. sovrule5
    5. Detoxify daily. Dry skin brushing is the most efficient way to detoxify the skin in the morning, get the lymph flowing in the right direction and aid the body to drain out the toxin deposits it has accumulated overnight. sovrule6 
    6. Daily face massage. This is a mini workout for the skin and underlying tissues that will on the long run contribute to toned muscles and firm skin.  This is best done with nourishing vitamin rich face oil that will increase the skin’s elasticity.  sovrule7
    7. Check the humidity levels in your environment. Is your central heating on for most of the day and at night? Make sure you open a window for a few hours a day to let moisture in or invest in a humidifier. A dry environment will dry the top layer of the skin, creating blockages and allowing fine lines to form into wrinkles. For dry winter skin always massage the skin with oil and follow with moisturisersovrule1
    8. Eye contour care. The skin around the eyes is 3 times thinner than that on the rest of the face, therefore it ages earlier and is more sensitive. Learn how to do a daily eye drainage massage and NEVER allow it to become dry.  Soveral Forever Young Eye Cream has all the nutrition this skin craves and comes with instructions on how to do a drainage detoxifying daily massage.