Seven Days of Detoxification: Day One, Sleep

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The need to sleep is the outcome of the necessity of the body needing to
detoxify and for the central nervous system to recuperate and recharge.
The more you exercise the more you will become sleepy as there will be
more toxins that naturally occur during the exercise and other accumulated
toxins get expelled from the muscles.

Certain foods are difficult to digest and have a stimulating affect, they
should therefore not be consumed in the evening, they are mainly meat,
spicy foods, caffeine and sweets. Stick mainly to evening meals consisting
of good carbohydrates, lettuce is also very good to promote sleep.

Sleep with the window a little open and if possible with the head pointing
to the North or East and the feet towards South or West. For the last hour
before going to bed don’t watch or read anything too violent or negative
and avoid getting irritated by conversations or thoughts, start entering a
state of calmness.


It is made with Valerian essential oil that sedates and soothes the
nervous system. It also has marjoram and chamomile that calms over-active
minds and relieves anxiety and distress. Lemon clears the mind and lifts the spirits,
sending you to bed feeling light and sleepy.


If you don’t get enough sleep during the night you can always have a
little nap during the day. This gorgeous little book will guide you to how
to have the best nap! The Art of The Nap by Harriet Griffey

The Art of The Nap by Harriet Griffey

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