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Being a very fortunate girl, when I’m in New York my dear clients take very good care of me. They ensure I know what’s going on in the city, email me links to the coolest exhibitions and as if that wasn’t enough they take me out for dinner.

Last night I had the great pleasure of dinning with GA (I never give out my client’s names). We went to her local restaurant Café Luxembourg on Upper West side, which is really a classy and super cool French Bristo.

Being super excited, I arrive 10 minutes early, I’ve learned this is very New York. The place is buzzing and is only 7:20pm, New Yorkers dine early! The décor is a mixture of old school French and modern New York. Starched table cloths in a relaxed atmosphere, I love it! I announce at reception who I’m meeting and straight away I’m treated like royalty. Staff is very friendly in a super respectful and courteous way. I sit at the bar and a distinguished gentleman a couple of seats down whispers some kind of greeting that I don’t really get, I smile and nod not knowing what else to do.

I order a glass of Sancerre as GA walks in, suddenly a whirlpool of excitement comes over the staff as they all rush to meet her, kisses and warm pleasantries are exchanged. We seat a GA’s favourite table in a discreet corner by the window and decide what to order. I ask what is good and GA tells me the steak is rather good… yes, she’ll have steak! Momentarily forgetting I’m supposed to be experiencing being a vegan I shout out – I love a good steak, lets have steak! We decide to be good girls and have it with veggies instead on frites. As I happily chew my way through the delicious steak I confess to GA I had decided to be a vegan for a few days, much to my delight she tells me its perfectly okay to be a vegan until 6pm and then eat whatever you want. There’s actually a diet based on this theory, its call VB6 by Mark Bittman.

As I leave I decide to walk the 17 blocks back to my hotel… as the Hemsley & Hemsley say, you don’t want to take your steak to bed!

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