Lavender Recipes

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Invest in the best organic Vodka for the following recipes, I like UK5 from:

Summer Cocktails:

Vodka Preparation:
Add 3 drops of organic lavender essential oil to the 70dl UK5 Vodka bottle.
Leave for 24 hours and then have a mini vodka shot... just to test if you
have enough Lavender of course! If you would like it more Lavender
pronounced add another drop or two and let infuse for another 24 hours.

Keep in the freezer and use the Lavender Vodka for ice cold Vodka shots or
for cocktail making. I love it with ginger and lots of fresh mint.

Lavender Room Spray:

Instantly refresh, deodorise and clear energies from any room, just spray
Lavender Water. Here's the recipe:

Get a 100 ml (or thereabout) glass bottle with a spray. Mix 1 tablespoon
of Lavender essential oil with 4 tablespoons of high proof vodka,leave for
2 days to infuse. Fill up the rest of the bottle with purified or bottled
water. Shake well and enjoy your new Lavender room spray.

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