The Ingredient: Carrot Seed Oil

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An untapped source of antioxidants that have the power to repair skin damage from too much sun and revitalise skin that has been under the pressures of smoke, bad nutrition, too much alcohol and the effects of harsh environments. This is the perfect post-holiday solution. Packed with Beta Carotene, Vitamins A, B and E this is a super food for the skin. Research also indicated that Carrot Seed oil may be very effective in treating psoriasis and eczema.

We have been using Carrot Seed Essential Oil in our Forever Young Face oil for nearly 10 years… no wonder it got voted Best Oil of Year by Harpers Bazaar!

We have now developed a Limited Edition Body Oil to help with the aftermath of holiday fun. Its rich in lots of repair nutrients. To reinforce the power of the Carrot seed Oil we matched with Chamomile that is perfect to bring down inflammation and Orange Peel Oil to give the skin a wonderful healthy glow.


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