How To Prepare For (And Recover From) Fashion Week

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With the worlds best dressed about to migrate from New York to London in time for London Fashion Week I thought now would be a good time to tell you how to enjoy the full throttle of the fashion festivities and keep your skin glowing.

I have created my own LFW-proof experience by emphasising all the most detoxifying and de-stressing aspects of my Soveral Signature Face Treatment and condensing it in to a 45 minute ‘free radical’ fighting facial.



The super effective facial massage is designed to lift and shape your contours with instant effect.  The Soveral Express Facial Treatment is designed as both a pre and post party treatment. See below.

Pre: A gauze impregnated with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid plump and boost the skin leaving it firmer and more radiant.  A slick of mascara and rouge and you will be f-row ready.

Post:  As a morning after necessity, ‘Siberian ginseng’ protects and rejuvenates, and ‘pomegranate extract’ packs an antioxidant punch to aid your skin in recovering from #aboutlastnight and any signs of the after parties that are showing on the outside.  

Please call the clinic on 020 7266 3577 or email [email protected] to book a Soveral Express Facial Treatment with one of our two expert in-house specialists. 

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