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We are all born with brown fat; as we grow older we produce white fat through the foods we eat. White fat is the unhealthy fat that can cause health problems such as heart disease or diabetes. Brown fat, however, is considered healthy as it burns calories and white fat. Recent research has shown that we can create brown fat. Here are my tips for doing so:

Have a normal hot shower, do a salt & oil scrub to activate the circulation or dry brush before showering. At the end of the shower, slowly turn the water to warm for 30 seconds. Then slowly turn to cold for another 30 seconds of longer. The more you do this the more you will get used to it and start to tolerate it better.  Repeat twice a day for a couple of weeks and enjoy the results.

Image Credit: Valerie's Voice: For the Health of It

Image Credit: Valerie's Voice: For the Health of It

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