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Don’t cause further damage to the sea in order to enjoy a good swim whenever you fancy it! The ecosystem is suffering for our luxuries. Unfortunately the cosmetic industry hasn’t yet come up with an SPF ingredient that both protects us from the sun’s damaging rays and is kind on sea’s ecosystem. SPF lotions based on synthetic chemicals are not good for us as those chemicals accumulate in our bodies as well as causing damage to the sea life. What about the so called natural SPFs? There are only two alternatives, one is zinc that has a devastating effect on coral and the other is Titanium Dioxide, which washes out into the sea not offering you a prolonged efficient protection and when mixed with sea water creates hydrogen peroxide. This harsh substance has been killing the nutrients that feed the small fish, this then travels up the food chain having a devastating effect of all the oceans of the planet

My suggestion is that we all take responsibility and plan our holidays accordingly. I LOVE swimming in the sea but I do it either first thing in the morning or at sunset. This a photo of the sea after a good swim on my last holiday in Portugal, there’s actually something very spiritual about swimming at these times, you feel energised in the morning and purified in the evening. Another suggestion is swimming with protecting clothing. I know is taking some of the fun out of the holidays we are all used to but to me there’s no fun at all in the damage we are causing.


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