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Autumn is coming and with it, bad skin!

From dry, flaky, dull skin, to breakouts that appear for no known reason, autumn is the most devastating season for the skin.

As soon as we touch that dial on our central heating at home, everything changes. Central heating instantly sucks the moisture out of the air, creating a dry environment. Being deprived of the sufficient moisture to be healthy, the skin forms a protective outer layer of dead skin cells. This very thin layer of dry skin ensures that no more moisture is allowed to leave the skin but it also blocks the pores and will eventually start flaking out.

For those of you with the tendency to break-outs this is a most dangerous time of year. The thin dry layer of skin blocks the pores and any hint of inflammation within the skin is going to re-awaken any dormant bacteria from previous breakouts.

Monitor humidity levels in your home

Too low humidity dries out the skin and eyes. This is damaging for the respiratory system whilst too high humidity encourages the growth of dust mites and bacteria, making it a dangerous environment for asthma sufferers and those prone to allergies and infections.

The best indoor humidity level ranges from 35% to 45%. Invest in a Humidity Meter, they are easily available online. You will then know if you should either get a humidifier (vaporiser) or a dehumidifier. I use Springfield Color Track Humidity Meter and Thermometer.

In any case you should have a window open in each room for at least a few hours a day. Don't have central heating on during the night, switch it off at least two hours before going to bed. If this is not possible then keep it on the lowest setting you can bear and if humidity levels drop below 30% plug in the humidifier. If you don't have a humidifier put a wet towel over part of the radiator.

Feed skin from the inside

Apart from ensuring you have enough fatty acids in your diet, drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin from the inside. Herbal tea is also a great way to stay hydrated, I have created the perfect blend of Lemon Balm, Verbena and Spearmint to aid digestion and hydrate the digestive system, in this turn supports the skin.

Adjust your daily skin routine

Stay vigilant to any minor changes in your skin, especially watch out for dry patches and any signs of a breakout.

Morning routine

Be diligent with the dry skin facial brushing, this removes dead cells and stimulates good cell regeneration.

Make sure, during your daily face massage, the oil is well absorbed into the skin. For those prone to dry skin, top it up with Super Hero before applying eye cream and moisturiser, this will give the skin an extra protective layer and a plump dewy look for the rest of the day.

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Should you be exposed to very dry environments, dab a tiny bit of Forever Young Eye Cream on the cheeks, even over make-up.


Evening routine

Double cleanse, first with Awaken Cleanser and then massage Angel Balm onto clean skin and leave for at least 5 minutes before efficiently removing with the hot flannel.

During the summer months we have been going to sleep with just our facial oil and eye cream but as humidity levels drop in our homes, shops, offices and general indoor environments it's time to assess if and when to start toping the oil up with moisturiser.

Should your skin feel dehydrated, tight, dry or flaky in the morning then it's time to moisturise on the top of the oil at night.

At any sign of a breakout apply Spotless every night to the affected area as well as a couple of centimetres around it.

Once a week do a mask with Volcano Ash to purify and balance the skin.


For the Body

Avoid all harsh detergents such as SLS or perfumed products that dry out the skin.

ALWAYS apply oil onto wet skin out of the shower before towel drying. Should you need extra hydrating then you may apply your body lotion on top of the oil. However you may find that the daily oil application after the shower may be sufficient. Keep it interesting and have a selection of oils in your bathroom that you can choose depending on your mood.

At least once a week do an oil & salt scrub. Put some salt in the palm of your hand and pour a little oil[link]over it, massage onto wet skin from the feet upwards, shower off. All SOVERAL body oils are designed to be multifunctional and therefore blend beautifully with any kind of salt. You may even mix a cup of salt with the oil[link]and pour into the bath for a good soak.


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