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Anitidote is our rescue from the urban jungle. A pulse point oil to comfort, protect and revive modern day warriors. This is an ancient blend of alpine and sacred oils that has been used for centuries but recently forgotten. Iberian herbalists used this blend to ward off disease from the body and protect the soul from negative energy.

Eucalyptus has been natures most effective expectorant, it ia also well known for its great head clearing effect. Rosemary aids concentration and lavender protects and soothes body & mind. A hint of cinnamon and peppermint work wonders to boost good health and promote natural healing.

Please note that although we truly believe in the healing power of essential oils, Antidote is not a medicine and therefore should not be used as or in replacement of such.

How to use: Massage on temples, glands behind the ear and neck and on the chest. Use throughout the day whenever needed.
Due to the high concentrations of essential oils in this product, please do a patch test first.


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