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Today is World Earth Day. The Earth is full of so much natural beauty and nature can be the healing power behind many problems we face in life. From day to day stresses, to beauty problems, going back to nature can be the simple answer to many problems. A little bit of fresh air and greenery, we feel calm and relaxed again.

At Soveral, we recognise how nature can inspire our products which is why we want to talk about our Marble Stones. They are your most
most efficient tools to lift, detoxify and tone the facial tissue.

These stones can be used to enhance a daily beauty routine, or can provide the skin with detoxification and relaxation through massaging. Each set comes with detailed step by step instructions that guide you to create healthy and glowing skin. Through lifting and firming your skin, the natural and cooling qualities of the stones reduce puffiness in the face.

Since World Earth Day began 46 years ago, conversations surrounding the health of our Earth and environmentalism have triggered a global movement to protect and look after our habitat by being more resourceful and making small changes to create a greater social impact.

The precious mineral Marble quartz is found in the mountains of Portugal. They are sourced from materials that would otherwise would be sent to waste. Our stones are hand crafted and hand polished in order to recycle this highly respected natural material.

Soveral’s Marble stones offer healing properties from the beautiful and wonderful resource that is is this Earth.

Happy World Earth Day

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