How To Smell A Rose?

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Every spring I eagerly wait for the very first rose blossom!

Each day I walk through the park and peer over the rose garden to see if they are coming. I want to smell the very first blossom as this is where the purest rose scent is found. It is said that the very first rose of spring brings with it the secret of the universe... for me it brings the purity of the most beautiful scent imaginable.

It is a scent so pure that for that millisecond in which you inhale it you are transported to a world of ecstasy where the divine resides.

If you have never experienced this, come with me on this journey, I’ll teach you how to get there.

First you must make sure you are near where scented roses grow, it could be anywhere and even those peering through your neighbours gardens are fine. You must be alert to their blossoming. You want to smell them when they start to open up, the best scent is when they are half open. Early in the morning is a great time to smell them, the scent will be fresh and pure, go back in the afternoon for a deeper and sweeter scent.

Instructions for the magical smelling experience:
1. Ensure that there are no insects inside the rose
2. Before smelling the rose, take a deep breath, inhale and exhale fully
3. Put your nose as much inside the rose as possible but without damaging the flower
4. Close your eyes
5. Gently inhale, softly and slowly
6. Absorb the scent right into your soul

Welcome to my magical world!

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