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1. Wash your face with a very mild soap. Harsh soaps block the pores and strip the skin of its acid mantle. Mr Mint is a cream cleanser with enough foam to give the skin a good cleanse… it’s also very minty, perfect to waken up the skin and leave it super fresh. If you shave in the morning, Mr Mint is also a very good shaving lotion!


2. Moisturise. This is something we should do daily as it fantastic for our skin. It will help your skin feel more elastic, whilst ensuring it stays hydrated. Ensure to moisture your neck as well, as this area often gets overlooked.  Formula X is non-greasy and full of vitamins.


3. Use an eye gel. We often neglect our eyes, but it can transform us from looking overworked and tired by working later nights to being bright eyed and feeling fresh. Eye C is a brightening and rejuvenating easy gel.


4. Stay hydrated throughout the day, 60% of our body is water, so drinking enough will help maintain the skin’s health and its appearance.


5. Do a face mask once a week. Our multipurpose Bare Faced face polish and scrub deeply cleans away dirt, leaving tired skin feeling revived, it also has a probiotic to balance and keep breakouts away. 


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