What is SLS?

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What is your face and body wash doing for you skin?

There is a harsh chemical in foaming products that destroys the skin and accelerates the ageing process radically. This detergent is in nearly all skincare products that lathers; shampoos, face wash, soap, shower gels, even the expensive ones and those supposedly mild ones for babies.

This abrasive chemical is has many guises, but is mostly known as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Although most ingredients with names ending in Sulphate have the same effect. The skin is cleverly designed to protect the body from threats such as free radicals and pathogens. It does so by creating a protective shield made of lipids (sebum) on the surface of the skin called the acid mantle.

Every time you wash your skin with a products containing SLS, this protective shield is destroyed, leaving the skin vulnerable to its enemies. The skin will then immediately try to rebuild its protective layer… Only to be again defeated by the next wash.

This cycle is exhausting for the skin, causing it to age, become sensitive and open to all sort of skin disorders. Not to mention what might happen when your skin no longer has this effective barrier.

Here at Soveral, we do not use SLS or SLES in any of my formulas/products. They are all SLS free!!

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