Should you wear SPF every day?

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We recently had a great question on Instagram concerning sunscreen and how wearing it daily on top of a moisturiser can clog your pores. We were asked what was better, wearing SPF and getting monthly facials, or ditching the SPF and investing in a restorative day cream without SPF.

Of course, sun protection is important, however, synthetic sunscreens contain toxins that pollute our bodies unnecessarily. These chemicals can accumulate, resulting in a significant impact on the skin’s appearance. Natural ones can clog the skin also, so our best advice would be to use SPF when you are in direct exposure to the sun and remove when you return inside. 

We also suggest that you should not wear SPF daily for the sake of it. There is no need to wear it indoors, or just going for a short walk. When possible, try to walk in the shade to minimise the impact of UV sun rays. 

One natural way to protect our skin from damaging sun rays is to eat plenty of root vegetables that are green and orange in colour. In addition to this, plenty of Vitamin E in our diets is beneficial too in the fight against sun damage. 

So as summer draws to a close, try to enjoy the weather as much as possible, but stay safe when out in the sun. Look after your skin and it will look after you. After all it is the only one we have!!

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