The Colourful Life of Clary Sage

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Did you know that way back in the Roman times Clary Sage leaves were used to fortify their wine during those wild parties of the aristocrats! The Romans had somehow stumbled upon the fact that Clary Sage’s narcotic properties were enhanced when added to alcohol!!

On a more health conscious note, it also has a sedative effect on the central nervous system, allowing for its other rejuvenating properties to get to work in a relaxed environment. The ingenuity of this herb is remarkable. It works in synergy with the body and mind, creating the most adequate environment for its healing soldiers to get to work. Restoring the skin by reducing inflammation and warding off bad bacteria.

This oil is so powerful oil, that in large quantities it has the strength to bring on an overdue birth!

From putting you sleep to inducing childbirth, Clary Sage is definitely in the running for the king or queen of the essential oils.

Clary Sage can be found in Soveral’
Sleep Head (the clue is in the title!!):
And Forever Young Face Oil:

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