Soveral Skin Revolution Guide. Pt1: Step Up & Oil Up

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If you are not already using both oils, now is the time to indulge your skin in this powerful combination.

Purchase both 15ml Midnight Oil + 15ml Forever Young Oil

For £51 (a saving of £41)


Using the same Soveral facial oil morning and night is a great way to add essential nutrients and vitamins to the skin, but why not make your skin work that little bit harder! For further skin regeneration, add a new set of antioxidants and stimulants to the mix. Over time your skin gets used to the continued use of the same oil and this is why Alexandra Soveral designed two face oils when launching her range.

Forever Young Oil is designed to offer the skin protection and strength throughout the day, while Midnight Oil is designed to aid the skin’s detoxification process and regenerate during the night.


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    Hi my name is reina-flor im from France Paris. Former top athlet; 4times olympian. Im also a mother of 20 month little boy and a second baby to come in september. I would like to know if your skin care products would be good for my black skin type and specially during pregnancy. Thank you very much for your answer. Best regards! Reina-Flor Okori.

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