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    We are trying something new at SOVERAL...

    Many of you will know our story and Alexandra's expertise, so we are looking to share your stories and your beautiful talents, which inspire us all in so many ways and reinforce the importance of what we do at SOVERAL.

    We begin with Anna Moller, a US-born photographer, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Anna works in both fine art and commercial realms. She loves to shoot analogue film because of its serendipitous nature and its way of communicating colour, texture and light.

    "I believe natural beauty lies in authenticity. People make choices of how they want to be seen in the world, in their look and attitude, and as long as these choices are grounded in feelings of care and self-worth, then I think there is beauty there.

    "Personally and aesthetically, I prefer simplicity. I feel silly in makeup and my clothes are usually pretty basic. I wear a lot of jeans. That is how I feel most comfortable. When someone is living from an honest and confident place, I think it really shows."

    "Angel Balm is my number one - It's so nourishing! The Floral Rain face mist is a close second. I also recently started using the Formula 1 moisturiser, which I layer on top, and I love that as well."

    You can find more of Anna's stunning work via her Instagram or at
    Some of our favourites!

    Girl with horse
    Mother and child
    Romanian Youth

  2. Formula 1 moisturiserv2
    PART 3

    With freshly clean skin that has been ‘fed’ with all the wonderful nutrients from the oil and serum in PART 2 , it’s important to keep all that goodness locked-in, and to ensure the skin is protected against loosing moisture.

    Why is keeping skin moisturised at all times so important?

    Prevent ageing
    When in a dry environment, the air around the skin is lacking in moisture, so it will suck the moisture out of the skin. To protect the body from losing water in this way, the outermost skin cells bind together to form a dry film that prevents more water from evaporating from the body. The more this happens in the natural expression’s folds, the more some skin cells stay permanently bonded together, forming a deeply set wrinkle. Simply, the more dehydrated the skin is, the quicker it will age.

    Best moisturiser: Formula 1

    Acne loves dry skin
    Having an outer film of dry skin cells seals bacteria in the skin pores. Bad bacteria feeds on oxidised sebum and dead skin cells, whilst the good bacteria that fight the bad guys feeds on oxygen. Therefore, allowing skin to breathe is the best possible thing we can do for it.

    Best moisturiser: Rescue Cream (not available online, please contact the clinic)

    Dry skin causes sensitive skin
    Dry skin is irritated more easily and is already on the defense, because dry skin cells are easily torn, causing inflammation. When the skin is well moisturised it becomes more malleable, protected and resistant to irritants.

    Best moisturiser: Moody Skin 

    Men’s skin
    Although men’s skin is slightly more resilient, the same advice applies in all of these instances.

    Best moisturiser: Formula X

     As the final part of our spring cleaning celebration, we offering 20% off Formula 1 & Formula 2 moisturisers for the next week!
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    PART 2

     The skin has been freshly cleansed, hydrated and its PH balanced with Floral Rain. What to do now?

    The skin is receptive and absorbent at this stage, so make good use of its state by feeding’it with vital vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that regenerate the skin. We want these active nutrients to go deep into the skin, for the circulation to surface, pick them up and take them into the deepest layers and spread them about, feeding every cell.

    This can only be achieved with a specialised, vigorous massage and the very best quality oils.  Soveral face oils are designed for this purpose, preservative-free, pure and organic, and naturally rich in essential fatty acids, bio-available vitamins and active essential oils, especially selected to stimulate health cell-regeneration and to purify the skin inside and out.


      A few steps from Alexandra to get the most out of your morning massage…


    The Forever Young Oil Massage

    Massage from chest and neck upwards following the Soveral massage. Our FOREVER YOUNG FACE OIL has synergetic ‘cocktail’ of actives to tackle pollutants throughout the day whilst keeping your skin healthy and well-nourished throughout the day.

    For when needing a little extra help or when the skin is dehydrated or dull, SUPERHERO PLUMPING POTION will come to the rescue! Just a few drops after the oil massage and the skin will suddenly feel plumped, and super refreshed!


     Midnight Oil Massage

    Following the evening cleanse, it’s time to ‘squeeze the worries of the day out of the facial muscles, thank the skin for all its hard work and reward it with a nice massage and an oil that will aid its detoxification and regeneration process whilst you sleep.


    For those with very sensitive skin or acne issues, it is still important to nourish the skin.  Using our plain Jojoba Oil you can still do our massage, just more gently. It will be a great way to activate the lymphatic system, encouraging the skin to heal and find balance. If having oil on the skin is an issue, you may remove the oil after the massage with a damp cotton pad or a warm flannel.

    Once you get used to the Jojoba Oil massage you may want to start adding a little Lavender or Tea Tee to add a mild antiseptic to kill pathogens and further help the skin find balance. Please do follow our blending safety guidelines on our website.

    The main products that are associated with this routine are:

    Forever Young face oil, Jojoba Oil, Midnight Oil face oil & Super Hero Plumping Potion

     We can blend an oil to suit your skin and your desires!

     This is particularly useful for those who have allergies, certain medical conditions or just want something personal and special for yourself or give as a gift.

     Just follow this link to our Bespoke Oil Bar

    As part two of our spring cleaning celebration, we offering 20% off Super Hero for the next week!
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