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    Do all skin types suit oil?

    Some people believe their skin will breakout at the sight of a face oil, for the most part they are right, here is why:

    Reason 1        They may be using an oil that is not actually an oil.

    Reason 2        The oil they are using is unsuitable for their skin, it may be too fatty.

    Reason 3        Their skin truly cannot cope with oil.

    Reason 1
    Not all oils on the market should be called oil, they are products cashing in on the known oil benefits. The products I do not consider to be true oils are:
    Synthetic polymers – They are essentially plastic
    Mineral oils – Petrochemicals
    Processed Oils – The oil’s various components are separated and then processed in a multitude of ways, the end result is something that does not have the same properties as the original oil but ends up on advertising of the product with the same name. This is done for getting a longer shelf life and of course it is a much cheaper ingredient as it can be extracted from inferior produce. You will find them in almost all your skincare products under the name of ‘Caprylic’ or ‘Capric Triglyceride’.

    When it comes to oil, the only oils that should be used on the skin should be pure vegetable oils.

    eason 2
    For those whose skin loves oil, life is a wonderful journey of oil discovery. With so many skin health benefits on offer from vegetable oils, we can pick and choose depending on what we are aiming to address and improve. Skin feeling a little dry? A little jojoba will fix that. Been out in the sun too much? Avocado oil will replenish and soften the skin in no time.

    However, for those with the tendency to breakout, life is not so easy. Even pure vegetable oils need to be carefully considered, to ensure no adverse reactions.

    We know that good bacteria thrive on oxygen whilst harmful skin bacteria feed on, amongst other things, rancid oil. Bearing that is mind, bringing oxygenated blood to the skin is therefore a good thing (this can be done through exercise and face massage) and ensuring oil does not oxidize on the skin is also smart.

    There are oils with very low oxidizing qualities that also bring great benefits to problem skin, oils rich in linoleic acid and various natural vitamins. A good example is Pomegranate seed oil.

    To avoid any oil from going rancid on the skin all Soveral face oils are reinforced with naturally effective antioxidants. 

    Reason 3
    Acne prone skin is high in oleic acid, which is an Omega 9, and the skin over produces oleic acid to make up for the lack of linoleic acid. This extra production of oil by the skin makes the sebaceous glands enlarged and often ends up in pores being clogged and inflammation. The trapped oil inside the pores oxidizes, making it a perfect food for the bad bacteria to feed on.

    The skin needs linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids (Omega 6 and Omega 3) to properly function and build its natural barrier against bacterial invaders.

    The problem is that all oils that contain the beneficial acids also contain oleic acid, so what can we do about it?

    Jojoba is not an oil but a liquid wax that has a very similar composition of that of sebum. Because of that similarity it is recognised in the skin as sebum, the bonus here is that another great benefit of Jojoba is that it is very stable, it does not easily oxidize, so it will not become a food source for the harmful bacteria.  Jojoba does contain a very small amount of oleic acid, but this is in balance with how much the skin should contain. Its sebum-like structure allows this oil to blend with the sebum inside the pore, thus dissolving it and this is a great way to get antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils into the pores. Simply dilute acne fighting essential oils into jojoba and either use as a skin cleanser or as a moisturising face oil. Take a look at the blending instructions on the Soveral website under Aromatherapy

    For those with very acne prone skin, you may want to remove the jojoba oil after massaging the skin with a warm damp cloth. Do this a couple of times per week to get the skin gradually used to the skin. Once you feel confident your skin is not reacting, you may try leaving the oil on the skin but removing excess oil with a tissue once the face massage is over.

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    Immune Boosting Tips from Alexandra Soveral

    Some simple steps from Alexandra to ensure your healthiest immune system at home…

    Air your home and office. Open a window and allow fresh air in every room for at least a couple of hours every day.

    Get a humidity meter, don’t allow humidity to go lower that 45%. Ideally humidity should be around 50% to 60% for good respiratory health and good skin. 

    Diffuse essential oils in your home. Any diffuser will do, from the fancy electrical ones to the simple tea light ones to which add the drops to the water. This is a great way to purify the air and breathing in essential oils with natural anti-viral and anti-microbial properties.

    Practice the traditional inhalation steams to purify and strengthen the respiratory system.  Add 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to a hot bawl of water.  Place a towel over your head and breathe in the aromatic steam. Be cautious of the steam being too hot, it should feel pleasant. If it feels like the steam is too hot on the face or as you inhale, wait until the temperature goes down.

    Add a cup of sea salt (or Epsom salts) to bath water. Then add up to 8 drops of essential oil diluted in either a gentle soap or fat, such as oil, full fat cream or full fat milk. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

    After showering, whilst skin is still wet, massage a body oil that has beneficial essential oils in it. You can make your own, lots of recipes in Alexandra’s book Perfect Skin, or you may purchase one already made from our website.

    In any vegetable oil, dilute a drop of essential oil such as eucalyptus, rosemary or tea tree. Apply inside each nostril in the morning.

    The best essential oils with anti-viral, anti-microbial and immune boosting properties are:
    Tea tree
    All citrus oils

    To find out about the organic essential oils available from SOVERAL, please contact the clinic on 020 7266 3577 or by emailing [email protected].


  3. At SOVERAL the health, safety and welfare of our clients and team is, and always be, our number one priority.

    With the increasing situation surrounding Coronavirus/COVID-19, we wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate our stringent everyday hygiene standards, and provide an update regarding additional precautions we have put in place to keep everyone safe.


    It is very much business as usual at SOVERAL when it comes to hygiene - we uphold high standards at all times, with or without a virus threat. The team will continue to double cleanse their hands before and after each treatment.  Tools are cleaned and sanitised; beds, chairs and workstations are thoroughly wiped down with antimicrobial cleaner after every client.

    In this current climate, we have increased cleaning protocols to ensure door handles, surfaces, and technology are getting extra coverage. The sheets we use on treatment beds are eco-biodegradable single-use sheets and have been for a several years now, but in addition to this all therapists are wearing hygiene masks.


    For anyone that has recently visited any of the high-risk areas (China, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Singapore or Iran) and is experiencing any symptoms, we strongly encourage you to reschedule your treatment by at least 14 days following your return. Anyone with even mild symptoms of colds, flu, sore throats or temperature to also please reschedule their appointments until completely recovered.

     We appreciate your help in keeping fellow clients and our team safe and healthy.


    Our team will be taking all relevant precautions to ensure they stay healthy, however if anyone does become ill, we will need to allow for them to recover fully before returning to work. Due to this, some appointments may be rescheduled last minute. We will work quickly to reschedule your treatment - getting you glowing, toned and sculpted ASAP! Your support and understanding are, equally, greatly appreciated.

    We shall continue to monitor the status of Coronavirus/COVID-19 and adapt our protocols as necessary. Our commitment to sanitation has and always will be a key priority for us to ensure continued good health of our clients and our team.

    If you would like further information, we suggest taking a look at the Government’s guidance which is updated regularly: