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    Our monkey relatives offer handy hints on how we can heal ourselves. Like herbalists they know how to use nature to relief their symptoms. Chimpanzees know how to cure themselves from parasitic infections and baboons even have a remedy for menstrual cramps.  The Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkeys nibble on charcoal to cure stomach pains they get from their food, which in turn allows them to feed on a greater variety of leaves. Lets investigate!


    Activated bamboo charcoal possesses a unique porous hexagonal structure, made up of numerous integral properties and minerals. Its incredible absorption properties allows it to absorb all harmful substances, liquids and gases from any environment including the human body. It is able to shield electromagnetic waves and eliminate radiation and heavy metal poisoning. It is invaluable in any detox programs to absorb all accumulated drugs and toxicity. Toxicity is the number one reason why so many of us experience the feeling of ‘brain fog’ today; a lethargy and lack of focus that prevents us from feeling good and reaching our potential. If your tired for no reason, try charcoal!


    Activated charcoal is not digestible but acts as a magnet for all impurities. It is anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral, making it an excellent natural medicine for chronic disease. It can be used as a tool to help combat candida, flatulence and acid reflux; absorbing all gas and acidity in our digestive system. Research shows that binding up toxins in the intestinal tract before they are absorbed or reabsorbed may be the key to leading a longer and healthier life. It is also the number one remedy for food poisoning of any kind!


    Activated charcoal is an amazing natural remedy for acne caused by toxicity and unhappy intestinal flora. Charcoal soaps and body washes can be used to clean deep inside pores, removing bacteria breeding deep within. It is also available as a toothpaste and mouthwash to disinfect and clean teeth and gums. It neutralizes the poison in stings and bites as well as being hugely anti-ageing as it ruthlessly neutralizes all free radicals that come in contact with the body.




    Charcoal is a main component of filtering systems. It filters unhealthy blood in dialysis machines, and is used to filter air in gas masks. A stick of bamboo charcoal is all you need to filter a jug of tap water. Best tasting water you will ever have! 


    Amazingly, corpses were uncovered in the Han-Dynasty tomb in China, in 2004, which had remained perfectly intact since their burial 2000 years ago. Archeologists and geologists, after much research, concluded that this preservation miracle was due to 10,000kg of charcoal found just outside the coffin, inside the tomb. 


    Add a teaspoon to your green juice, take it as a supplement, or make your own soap! Remember it as a hangover remedy or even take a few capsules before bed after a big night out! Is it the ultimate ‘diamond in the rough’?