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Pumpkins carved, squashes and autumnal vegetables consumed, Halloween has come around once again. Whilst halloween often mean we consume copious quantities of chocolate, the amount of sugar is definitely not forgiving on the skin. Soveral has put together a list of ‘scary’ skin facts surrounding sugar consumption.


1. Wrinkles:


Sugar essentially attacks the healthy and supple collagen in your skin. This is responsible for keeping skin wrinkle free.


2. Dehydrated skin:


As sugar ‘eats’ the collagen in skin on a cellular level, this can lead to it looking dehydrated and dull-looking.


3. Acne:


Whilst sugar has been proven to enhance the effects of ageing, it can also promote conditions such as acne.


Whilst the occasional sugary treat or drink should be enjoyed, especially on Halloween, it is important to remember to reflect upon balance in order to look after our skin.

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