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  1. Coming Soon: The 6 week guide to step up your Summer skincare routine

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    Join us online and in our London-based Maida Vale clinic for
    Over the next three months we will be bringing you a step-by-step opportunity to create the perfect at-home skincare routine. Every two weeks, starting Wednesday 19th July, a new step and product will be revealed with a fantastic discount! By the end of the six steps, you will have a complete routine resulting in an all-day natural glow.

  2. Full Steam Ahead

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    Recently Lia, specialist facialist here at Soveral, had been asked whether steam rooms are good for the skin. Here is Lia's take on steaming and steam rooms:  

    Steaming can be excellent for your skin as it is a wonderful way for both your sweat glands (water) and sebaceous glands (oil) to clean themselves and eliminate toxins.

    As we all live such hectic lives and a visit to a steam room may not be an option, a simple face stream would suffice. But how often? Twice a week is a happy medium, but here a little tweak. 

     To protect the capillaries from too much heat exposure you could apply a thin layer of Angel Balm to the skin before you go in. You will still be able to sweat through the product as it does not contain emulsifiers.

    The product will both protect your capillaries and also have the added benefit of being deeply absorbed into your open pores, allowing maximum nutrition to penetrate.


    A final cleanse with a damp flannel will remove all the dirt stuck deep in your pores and leave you super clean too!


    A bit of history


    Historically, steaming baths were at the heart of community. 

    The earliest steam rooms date back to Indus Valley Civilization and the prophet Muhammed is said to have recommended them as early as 600AD.

    In Greece they were a place where young athletes would meet to regenerate their muscles, socialise and leave behind the stresses of the day. 

    This became almost ritualistic often followed by a cold plunge, and aromatherapy rubs. 

    The Roman Empire later adopted steam baths, building luxurious buildings where people could meet to enjoy a taste of the Empire for a small fee.

    Image: Steam Room at The Mondrian London where you can find Soveral facial treatment & skincare products

    Image: Steam Room at The Mondrian London where you can find Soveral facial treatment & skincare products

  3. Blending Mandarin Kiss #NationalFragranceDay

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    In the lab blending Mandarin Kiss on #nationalfragranceday with the delicious aroma of mandarin peel, mango & cocoa butter. We refer to the recollection of odours as Olfactory memory. The importance of the human's relationship with scent is conveyed through evidence suggesting odours have a role to play in mother / infant bonds, how we communicate, progression of brain degenerative diseases and even the survival of the species. @fragrancefoundation invite you to share your #scentmemories today.